Refund policy

At Margaret River Fresh Produce Company, we pride ourselves on the quality of our produce and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to customers.

Missing products and quality issues

If for any reason you have:

  • received an incorrect item
  • your whole order has not been delivered
  • incorrect item/s were delivered or
  • have received something that you are not 100% satisfied with

We will ensure that the product will be replaced.

However, you must notify Margaret River Fresh Produce via email within 24 hours of the delivery being made and return any products to the driver as directed.

You can contact us by email at advising that you would like to return any goods.

If there is an issue with your order, please note that you must refrigerate or freeze the item immediately and we will arrange collection and replacement.

No claim for damaged or unsatisfactory quality, or any other claims, will be recognised after 24 hours of receiving stock. Otherwise, the customer will be deemed to have accepted the goods.