The Berry Farm Gourmet Jams and Preserves

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We are proud to offer our customers gourmet products from The Berry Farm. With a long history of success that includes Regional Cafe of the Year in 2019, The Berry Farm makes jams, preserves and products that are celebrated well beyond Margaret River.

Established in 1985, The Berry Farm has been serving and producing excellent quality foods and products in their on-site kitchen overseen by owners Rebecca French and her fiance, Michael Skivinis for the past 13 years. 

With the help of many original staff members, The Berry Farm continues to grow its reputation for producing exceptionally high quality produce and gourmet goods that are a delight to the senses. 

The Berry Farm's famous array of gourmet jams and products are all prepared with only the best ingredients available, made traditionally without artificial colours, preservatives or flavours. 

Margaret River Fresh Produce is proud to support and deliver a range of jams, butters, and savoury products to supplement your Margaret River Fresh Produce order. 

See the Full Range here in our Farm Shop.

Jams: Apricot, Strawberry, Blueberry, Boysenberry, Lemon Butter, Passionfruit Butter

Pantry Staples and Preserves: Dukkah, Piccalilli, Indian Tomato Relish, Beetroot Relish, Quince Paste, Pasta Sauce Original, Pasta Sauce with Olives, Capsicum and Basil. 

WA Region Cafe of the Year Winner 2019

Find The Berry Farm: 43 Bessell Rd, Rosa Glen Western Australia 6285. 

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