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Get the Family Cooking Up A Storm

The key to getting children to try new things is to keep talking about food, cooking and how to prepare it.

Depending on the age of your child, you may have to do some of the work or just provide supervision —chopping fruits and vegetables and helping to get the snack or meal set up, cleaned up, and more.

But, no matter what age your child is, they will be able to add the ingredients, stir, plate and enjoy the fruits of their labour.

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The Ultimate Fast Food

These parfait cups can be made the night before or in just a couple of minutes in the morning.

The trick is to push your spoon to the bottom and drag it back through all the layers to get a range of tastes and textures.

Change out the muesli for toasted nuts or chia seed pudding (3-4 tablespoons of seeds to a cup of milk of your choice). If you prefer berries or bananas, mix up your fruits too - or use two different types and create multicoloured and flavoured layers.

This is a great way to explore a range of different types of fruits for a whole food, healthy start to the day - or a great snack you pack and take to work or school.

Building practical skills like cooking and cleaning in the kitchen, builds confidence and a host of functional skills in children.

You can include children as young as 5 years in; shopping, planning, preparing, stirring, smelling, hearing, baking, chopping, touching, measuring, pouring, kneading and more!

The executive function skills they learn stay with them beyond the sink, fridge, oven, and kitchen benches. What are Executive Functions?

Executive functions are cognitive processes, and they relate to our ability to learn about reason, problem solve, plan to get things done, be organised and learn about self-control (children are DEVELOPING these skills and need opportunities to practice).

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Our local produce picked within 24-48 hours of your purchase. This freshness not only affects the taste of your food, but the nutritional value too.

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